Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 will headline UFC 202, it’s been five months since their first encounter. Since the last bout neither man has wanted to face anyone else, McGregor seeking to avenge his first UFC loss and Diaz accepting another challenge.

The win secured Nate Diaz the recognition that has been twelve years in the making, and he has been enjoying the fruits of his labour. Appearing on shows like Conan and Jimmy Kimmel, many have gotten to see a different more approachable side to the Stockton 209 fighter.

It’s almost as if both fighters have swapped roles, while McGregor spends $300,000 on a custom made training camp. Team SBG moved to a warehouse in the Nevada, and McGregor flew in Dillon Danis and Conor Wallace to mimic Nate Diaz’s frame and fighting style.

Looking back to what triggered McGregor’s downfall at UFC 196 – it began with Diaz’s boxing that caused McGregor to wobble, zapping the Irishman of his energy thus his cardio dropped and after a failed takedown Diaz made him tap. Since then Nate has been training hard with his boxing coach Richard Perez to fine tune his skills even more.

This time expect to see a more fluid McGregor like his earlier fights only with the added weight which will still slow him down, but provide powerful shots. Instead of head hunting Diaz he will want to pace himself and stalk him and wait for an opening.


In there last encounter we seen Diaz badly cut-up and this is will play a vital factor this time too, Diaz like his brother Nick have scar tissue around there face which is prone to opening easily especially when McGregor’s straight left gets at it.

Overall McGregor is the more skillful fighter when it comes to footwork which he can use to take angles and tee off on shots. I believe this fight will begin just like the first round did but expect less heavy shots to be thrown, unless McGregor goes for the takedown this fight should stay on it’s feet as Diaz has completed just two takedowns in the past five years.

This will be no walk in the park for either fighter, as we seen the first time both men came out of a war. Diaz has expectation on his shoulders just as much as McGregor, if Diaz wins then he will overtake his brother Nick in legendary status and a loss for McGregor means a step back down to featherweight with a blemish in his untouchable iconic UFC career so far.

Prediction:  Even though only 1 out 21 pros picked Conor McGregor to beat Nate Diaz I still believe they are underestimating him once again. My prediction is that in the end McGregor will have the stamina to open up Diaz and stop by him by TKO, no later than the 4th round. Which will set up nicely for a trilogy fight further down the line!